Transportation Services

TransportationCEEPCO currently provides shuttle bus services to the Facilities Management and Services Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Current duties and responsibilities of CEEPCO required under contract are to provide for complete transportation, safety and security of EPA passengers, Federal property and the general public. CEEPCO currently provides quality shuttle bus and executive motor pool services as characterized by professional and timely transportation, a program of aggressive quality control, prompt and precise dispatching services.

CEEPCO has designed methods and systems of how best to deliver the services to meet the Government’s quality, performance and transportation requirements. Our buses are 100% bio-diesel (B20) fuel and in case one of them is inoperable for any reason, we are able to provide a back-up bus of the same year and size within a half hour or less. Our drivers check the employee’s Government identification as they board the bus, document ridership and provide documentation on incidents or accidents, while transporting EPA employees. Our staff is trained to provide assistance on all shuttles for any EPA personnel with disabilities. Other duties and responsibilities include dispatching, updating and maintaining the Automotive Statistical Tools (AST) Database, and providing monthly progress reports.

In 2016, CEEPCO was awarded a five year contract with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock In Rockville, MD to provide shuttle bus services to transport Personnel back and forth to the Navy Yard.