constructionmanagementOur Construction Management covers a range of project delivery methods, and provides services related to:

  • Contract Administration
  • Permitting
  • Project Phasing & Scheduling
  • Budgeting, Estimating and Cost Control
  • Value Engineering, Constructability, Building Technologies
  • Material and Labor Resources
  • Scoping/Bidding/Negotiating & Awarding Subcontracts
  • Shop Drawings Review
  • Project Management & Field Supervision


Some of our staff members are certified in Construction Quality Management with various clients. Our trained professionals oversee every aspect and detail of the project: safety, work plan, schedule, progress reports, regular thorough inspections, and weekly meetings with owners, architects and contractors to ensure satisfaction. Our safety measures are an integral part of project planning and are incorporated in all operations. Our conscientious staff frequently reviews plans with the project managers and subcontractors to ensure compliance to standards.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Keep accurate and detailed computerized records of the construction progress during all stages.
  • Maintain frequent contacts with all parties involved with the project and submit monthly written progress reports  including, but not limited to, information concerning the work of other contractors, percentage of completion, number and amounts of modifications, and claims, analyses of the schedule and other analyses of necessary to compare actual performance with planned performance.
  • Provide project directories and computer generated progress schedules with monthly updates reflecting actual progress of the project against previously projected progress.
  • Timely review, processing and approvals of drawings, submittals, change orders, equipment, and materials control documents, samples, test results, product data, warranties, permits, punch lists, etc.