We have qualified French and Creole speaking engineers and technicians working in Haiti primarily on USAID funded projects to provide architectural, engineering, environmental assessment, construction management and construction services.


Our activities in Haiti are focused on:

  • Rekindling economic growth
  • Rebuilding infrastructure damaged by natural disasters
  • Expanding access to basic public services
  • Reducing the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters
  • Developing and implementing sustainable human settlements with an emphasis on environmental preservation, food security, environmental and public services infrastructure (water, wastewater, municipal solid waste handling, recycling, disposal)
  • Capacity building, education and job creation

One of USAID’s main goals in Haiti is to build capacity. CEEPCO has greatly contributed to this effort.


  • Hiring and Training - We have created over 1,000 jobs thus far in 2012. By hiring and training hundreds of construction workers, many unskilled laborers are now eligible for upward mobility. We have also hired engineers and construction managers and subcontracted to many professional architectural and engineering firms.
  • Employing Haitians - 98% of subcontractors and consultants are Haitians living in Haiti or Haitians living abroad. CEEPCO also hires from the list of recent graduates from the main engineering university.
  • CEEPCO’s supports Haiti’s elementary school in the northern section providing education and social support to sixty elementary students.

CEEPCO’s vision and goals in Haiti:

  • Enhance the communities in which we work through socio-economic benefits with employment and enhancement of economy
  • Provide training opportunities to Haitians
  • Develop local trades knowledge and capabilities
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Provide training on safe work and best management practices in construction
  • Provide partnership opportunities to Haitian businesses